Blade & Soul: New Team Dungeon (24man) – Black Tower


New Team Dungeon (24man) ‘Black Tower’ of ‘파천성도’ and its first boss ‘Sky Poison Dragon’ added
Temporarily added a portal in Zaiwei (will be changed later)
This dungeon will have a weekly cap depending on the dungeon progress
Cap can be manually reset up to 4 times weekly in the Test Server
Cap will be reset every Wednesday 6am
There is no ‘Hearts’ in ‘Black Tower’
‘Black Tower’ weekly quests added

Blade & Soul: New Team Dungeon

Update 7-15-2015:
Second boss for Black Tower released
First boss is temporarily nerfed. (will be reverted at update)
On defeating the first boss, all team members will be bound to the same dungeon number


New Legendary Bopae obtained from ‘Black Tower’ can be exchanged in the inventory store (a separate vendor will be added later)
New Legendary Weapon series ‘촉마’ obtained in ‘Black Tower’ added.
Lv10+ Nebula series (Meteor, Comet) weapons can be upgraded to the new series
New Legendary Bopae obtained in ‘Black Tower’ added
New Legendary Ring ‘독린’, ‘역린’, Legendary Earring ‘화각’ (Blaze?) obtained in ‘Black Tower’ added

Update 7-15-2015:
Added a two piece set effect to Fate, Immortal, Oath, Eternity legendary accessories
Changed the names of legendary accessories obtained in Black Tower
Deleted class bopae from the box dropped by the first boss

Blade & Soul: New Team Dungeon

Skill Changes

Update 7-15-2015:
Kung-Fu Master:
New ‘Form 4’ training to ‘Cold Surge’ in the form of a new skill ‘Fighting Spirit’

Fighting Spirit Effects:
– Gives party members within 30m and yourself ‘Boost’ effect for 10 sec
– Crit chance +40% & Crit damage +50%
– 100% of attack = lifesteal/additional damage
– Decreases the cooldown of Crushing Blow by 5 sec per attack by party members
– Cooldown is 1min 30sec and cannot be reset
– Party members cannot be boosted again for 30 sec


Update 7-15-2015:
Daily Challenges increased to 4.
New PVP Daily Challenge added (Previously there was only three PVE Daily Challenges)
Daily Challenges award you EXP talisman(s) among other goodies
Extra Bonus rewards can be acquired by completing 3/4 Daily Challenges

Blade & Soul: New Team Dungeon


Divided item effects, premium/cash effects, status effects to separate locations

Party System

By default, only the team leaders have the distribution rights when looting from a special raid chest dropped by a raid boss
Team leaders can distribute items directly to each member of the team
Team leaders can set [Give distribution rights to everybody] to make it a normal loot distribution.


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