The Bots, leeching And Trap Bids in Blade & Soul

The more you play any game, the more things you will start catching onto, it could either be an “I wish this game has this thing” or a “why is this even in the game?”, usually my thoughts when it relates to those 2 comments with any game stay fairly minor, but with BnS I’ve found my self consistently questioning the thoughts of the developers and why they decided to do the things they have with this game.

The Bots, leeching And Trap Bids in Blade & Soul

Bots, they’re a massive issue in all versions of blade and soul, I’ve found my self thinking 2 main things so far, which is:

– Why have the developers been so adamant on not implementing a proper vote kick feature into the game? so far all players can do is kick an offline player, but the main problem is the online players that you want to kick, mostly it’s kicking leechers which is a very common problem in this game, they will enter into a dungeon and just stand at the entrance, sometimes even “taunting” players to hurry up so they can get their free silver and exit. So what can players do about this? nothing at all unfortunately, not unless they want to leave and try enter another instance only to come across the same problem again, then there’s also the bots entering dungeons and getting their free silvers at the end of each run, further adding onto the problem of how bots are very easily making gold on this game to RMT to players.

– How is it possible with how rampant the bots are, that the companys hosting their respective versions don’t have an active GM in the game scouting out all active bot locations and manually banning them? players can report bots just fine, but the time it takes for them to get banned is too long, as most likely the gold from the bots would of been transferred onto what ever character(s) these RMT companys use to actually sell off.

The Bots, leeching And Trap Bids in Blade & Soul

There has been many suggestions on the forums mostly dealing with both leeching players and bots, such as to have a teleportal right before the boss room so that both potential leechers and bots have to make their way in the dungeon, it may not entirely fix the issue, but it may help elevate it. There has been the idea to have it so players have to deal x amount of damage to the boss to be able to bid for items at the end of the run, thus actually forcing any would-be leecher to pull their weight, this would even have boss monsters potentially kill the bots that try to do the boss which could stop them from bidding and getting silver splits.

Another complaint that’s been something of a thing is the firewall that appears as soon as a player attacks a boss, it’s safe to say that this is a pretty poor feature when they could of just easily have created a proper door that appears after perhaps 10 seconds, something similar to what Tera has and has no complaints about it, especially because it doesn’t just outright kill the player that didn’t make it through the “door” before some impatient player bum-rushed the boss.

The Bots, leeching And Trap Bids in Blade & Soul

The bidding system is something I like the idea of, mostly as it can help prevent people just rolling on gear they otherwise don’t need or have no real use for and it helps players to actually get some income with each run as opposed to coming out of a dungeon run with nothing gained. The 2 small issues I have with it is that it has no wait timer in between each bid, so let’s say that someone presses “Y” or enters a custom bid in, there should be some 1-2 second timer before someone else can bid. I’ve seen times where lowbies are spamming the “Y” key to instantly bid and someone has took notice of it, that player would then bid an obscene amount to trap someone into getting the next highest bid and potentially ending up with no money or forcing that player to exit the client before it goes through which could potentially have them kicked being offline and waste their run time.

The other thing would be to have an “are you sure?” notification before you place your bid, there will always be times where someone may not be paying attention and I’ve fallen into the trap my self, thus creating a situation where having both a wait timer and a notification could of saved both of us, the example being people were bidding normally on some low level item, I was going to hit 55 copper to start the bids quicker, I then saw that I actually hit 55 silver and because of the no 1-2 second wait timer before being able to put in another bid, the unfortunate person that happened to press bid just as I put mine in basically got screwed from it.

The Bots, leeching And Trap Bids in Blade & Soul

So many things could be fixed up on this game with just some small quality of life improvements like some I’ve mentioned, having a kick function is also a big one that I personally don’t think should be left out of any game, some people may say that people will abuse the kick function and perhaps boot people out of dungeons for one reason or another, but at the same time people are easily prone to making a massive nuisance out of their self due to no kick function, such as with the picture above from a player on the forum showing some guy stood at the entrance of the cave that’s leeching dungeon(s), then when the dungeon is finished you see they’re clearly not afk as they’re still there to bid on dropped items such as the expensive merry potter recipes, what makes it worse is the idea that this player could be sitting on a ton of gold whereas the players that did the dungeon may not currently have enough to even match the market price, thus giving this leecher his free winnings.


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