Blade & Soul – How not to end game

Progressing towards the end game content in Blade and Soul had me really interested and originally looking forward to what it would be like, I was hoping that it would be something I would enjoy quite a lot due to how I enjoyed the pre 45 dungeons along with the combat system, you find your self basically doing PvE related things for your PvE gear while being allowed to dabble in Arena PvP at my own leisure, then you discover among hitting level cap that this is one of the 2 ways to actually get your PvE gear…just let that sink in, you need to do PvP, for your PvE gear.

While slowly going through the general motions of dungeon farming and 24man instance dailys, I found my self getting slowly annoyed at how I was being required to advance my gear during the level 45 content, the only things available to me was Arena spamming against the never ending bot infestation and encountering the odd player here and there, but that aside I generally get fed up of 1v1 PvP after a while, the 3v3 Arena is something that I try to avoid just due to the nature of the odd afkers on a team and having to rely on not getting stuck with the bad team, I would play it sometimes just for the sake of it but if I’m needing to do it for the farming then 1v1 just counts on your own personal skill vs theirs.

Blade & Soul - How not to end game

That being said, the other way was to do the repeatable quests which ironically is a bunch of PvE related quests that require you to flag for PvP, something which honest to god makes no sense at all, the only way to reliably do these was to party up with 2 or 3 others to prevent the general ganking in this small questing area, but the 17 soulstones you got per day was barely enough to get you started on your siren gear going from profane.

The level 50 content brought us the Soulstone plains, which for the most part is the main focus of this. The development team seem to have lost track of any general logic when you consider the fact that this game is not at all optimized for massive “zerg” based content, which is all that the soulstone plains is, more PvE related questing while being required to flag your self for PvP.

The main problem with this place is that once again, much like with the Blackwyrm (which was actually feasible if you had decent fps or was a ranged dps), the terror bosses are still a complete anti-melee experience, the AoE skills that they do are almost impossible to dodge as a melee player while ranged characters can sit back and attack while standing at max range to avoid most issues that these things bring, if you happen to not be in a party with others while the “event” is going off as a melee player that needs a moment to breath, then you will end up exiting combat which forfeits your contribution to the boss, which can put any hope of getting your rewards into the bin.

Blade & Soul - How not to end game

Also on a side note with this place, due to how mobs and bosses in this game fail to have a cooldown on their skills, they can effectively “spam” their skills if the conditions are met, an example being you’re a set distance away from them and here we have this to show the stupidity that this game seems to bring:

We also have the “Grand harvest square” event, same scenario as with the soulstone plains except for some gold and exp etc, this ends up being another zerg based event which for some reason is limited to 5 channels, so this means if you were unfortunate enough to not get there in time, then you’re effectively locked out unless you somehow get lucky to get into a channel due to aplayers game crashing on them because to the immense amount of people there and along with skills being thrown out.

What I can’t understand is how they managed to throw in a bunch of important content, most importantly soulstone gain, into a mainly PvP focused environment which is potentially alienating their PvE players into forcing them to mindlessly grind for gold as a last resort, I would like to think that I would have less of a problem with soulstone plains if at the very least the developers actually used some common sense and heavily toned down the casting speed of the bosses AoEs and/or toned down the damage of them, the current casting speed is almost beyond human reaction time, especially when you consider if you’re attacking then the odds of dodging are low due to your attacking animation and the low fps that helps to put the nail in that coffin.

Hopefully at some point, the developers will properly cater to their player-base by adding in some proper soulstone rewards into dungeons, I would like to think it’s possible due to the level 36 purple dungeon that gives you a small 2 stones per day, while plenty of players are happy enough with the current methods of gaining soulstones (especially ranged dps in soulstone plains), there is also many players such as my self that try to voice their concerns on the forum about the general lack of ways (while currently being tedious and not at all fun) to obtain such a vital material.


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